(Web App)

Type:  Web App
Year:  2023
Role:  Design Lead

Transforming retail property management for retail owners.

The GPM Portal is a web application designed to provide retail property owners with enhanced property management capabilities. Targeting retail property owners who rent out their properties and enlist GPM to manage them, the primary objective of the portal is to offer a streamlined and transparent property management experience.

Project Goal


The aim is to address customer complaints about the lack of visibility into property status and provide insights into monthly revenue, notifications, potential conflicts, and support.

Development Process


The development team comprised a project manager, back-end and front-end developers, and a select group of customers for user testing. The development process involved several stages, including requirement gathering, design, development, testing, and deployment.

Key Features

Data Analytics: Providing property owners with comprehensive insights into property performance, revenue, and occupancy rates through intuitive data analytics dashboards.
Customer Support: Facilitating seamless communication between property owners and GPM support staff, enabling swift resolution of issues and concerns.
Messaging: Secure and efficient messaging features, allowing users to send and receive SMS and instant messages.
Property Insights: Offering detailed insights and recommendations regarding necessary property maintenance and improvements to enhance value and tenant satisfaction.



The GPM Portal utilizes a modern technology stack, including front-end frameworks such as React.js for dynamic user interfaces and back-end technologies like Node.js for efficient data processing and management. The application leverages cloud-based databases for scalability and reliability.

During development, one of the primary challenges was integrating diverse data sources and ensuring real-time updates for property information. This was addressed by implementing robust data synchronization mechanisms and optimizing database queries for performance.

User feedback was gathered through iterative testing phases involving a select group of property owners. Their input guided enhancements to the user interface, functionality adjustments, and the addition of features such as customizable notifications and alerts.



The GPM Portal was officially launched to retail property owners in 2023. Since its launch, the portal has garnered positive responses from users who appreciate the transparency and accessibility it provides. Key results include increased user satisfaction, improved property management efficiency, and a reduction in tenant complaints.



GPM aims to further enhance the portal by incorporating advanced analytics features, expanding support for additional property management tasks, and integrating with third-party platforms to offer a seamless experience for property owners.

In conclusion, the GPM Portal represents a significant advancement in property management technology, empowering retail property owners with actionable insights and tools to optimize their property portfolios effectively. As the portal continues to evolve, it is poised to become an indispensable asset for property owners seeking to maximize the value of their investments and enhance tenant satisfaction.

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